Shop the Competition

When shopping snow and ice management companies, be sure to ask the following questions before you contract their services:

  • Does the company have many years of snow and ice management experience? Can they provide you with a list of testimonials and customers you can speak with in person? Do their customers use such words as flexible, prompt, responsive, and affordable when talking about their work?
  • What types of equipment and how much of it does the company own? Is their equipment up-to-date and in good condition? Are they willing to let you tour their facility and view their equipment?
  • Do the company’s vehicles meet federal motor vehicle safety standards? Are their trucks equipped with strobe lights, GPS mapping and tracking devices, EMT bags, flashlights, etc.?
  • Does the company have a blizzard contingency plan? Can they keep your business open and accessible in even the worst weather conditions?
  • Is the company fully insured (general liability, auto insurance, workers’ compensation, etc.)?
  • Does the company stake their properties before the first snowfall?
  • Does the company use a professional service to monitor and track a developing storm?
  • Does the company have professional dispatch? Is a dedicated professional accessible 24/7 before, during, and immediately after a storm?
  • Does the company make post-storm certified snow accumulation reports available to their customers?
  • Does the company monitor conditions between snowfalls to ensure properties remain safe?

North American Snow & Ice Solutions answers YES to all of these questions.

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