Whether you need a one-time service or seasonal solution, North American Pest Control Solutions can assist you with all of your pest control needs. Our services include:

Rodent Inspection, Removal, and Monitoring

The first cold spell can trigger a rodent invasion, particularly if your home is located in a rural area or wooded suburban lot. Once inside, they’ll chew through your furniture, mattresses, and clothing and leave urine and droppings that can transmit dangerous diseases.

North American Pest Control Solutions aggressively treats rodent infestations. Our thorough inspection—inside and out—includes checking attics, pipes, and service lines for rodent access points. When closing cracks and holes, we use a copper mesh product that won’t rust or succumb to the chewing of rodents. We also use traditional bait and glue-board trapping devices in locations that are inaccessible to pets and small children.

We proudly stand by our work. If your rodent problem persists, we’ll come back to re-address the problem for free. We’ll also recommend an ongoing monitoring and inspection plan to ensure rodents don’t re-invade your home and do further damage.

Termite Inspection, Removal, and Monitoring

One in every 30 homes will be invaded by termites this year! So, what can you do to protect your most substantial investment? Simple! Just pick up the phone and call us. A state-licensed North American Pest Control Solutions termite inspector will come to your home and conduct a thorough, free home termite evaluation. If a termite problem is discovered, our inspector will recommend an effective treatment program, which typically includes liquid treatments, bait stations, and/or structural fumigation. We’ll also suggest repairs for damaged areas and recommend an ongoing monitoring and inspection plan.

Insect Inspection, Removal, and Monitoring

Call North American Pest Control Solutions to eliminate any of the following common insect problems:


Ants can be a nuisance, trailing along baseboards, up walls, along counter tops, and into food. Traditional insecticides and sprays merely move ants away temporarily. If you have an ant problem and are seeking a permanent solution, call North American Pest Control Solutions today! We’ll eliminate the entire colony with a slow-acting, non-odorous toxin.


Roaches contaminate food, spread disease, and aggravate allergies. To compound matters, they’re resistant to most conventional sprays and fogs. Our specialists will inspect your home and eliminate this difficult pest by applying a fine boric acid pressurized powder into wall voids, cracks, and crevices where roaches live, breed, and hide.


Fleas can render a pet anemic and can transmit disease organisms for typhus, taluremia, and tape worm. North American Pest Control Solutions can put an end to your flea problem. Call us to perform a full-scale treatment of your yard and home. Our service includes a second treatment in 7-10 days to break the flea life-cycle.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices in walls, behind wallpaper and baseboards, between beds, and around the creases of mattresses and bedding materials. If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, call North American Pest Control Solutions today!


Wasp nests can be found in the ground, under eaves, and in wall voids of buildings. If you think you have a nest, contact North American Pest Control Solutions to arrange for an inspection immediately. A trained professional will treat the nest with desiccating dust and insecticide aerosol, or remove it entirely. We’ll also recommend effective exclusion materials to prevent future infestations.

Lawn Inspection and Weed, Insect and Disease Control

North American Pest Control Solutions’ lawn care program is your best defense for weed, insect, and disease control:

Weed Control

The best defense against weeds is a good offense! A healthy lawn will choke out weeds, diseases, and insects better than a sparse lawn. A combination of lawn aeration and fertilization, combined with weed and crab grass control treatment is the right offense to produce the lush green, weed-free lawn you desire. In early spring, a North American Pest Control Solutions lawn specialist will aerate your lawn, fertilize it, and apply a pre-emergent herbicide to control crab grass, other annual grasses, and broadleaf weeds. From mid to late spring, we apply post-emergent liquid herbicide applications to knock down weeds that have already germinated and are actively growing. Then we repeat the process in late summer or early fall to counter weeds that were not initially controlled in the spring.

Insect Control

Many insects attack lawn grasses, but most are minor and their damage is easily overlooked. Some, however, can cause extensive lawn damage, sometimes killing large areas of grass. The most common pests found in home lawns in Connecticut and Rhode Island are white grubs, which feed on the roots of grasses, and chinch bugs, which feed on above-ground grass parts. North American Pest Control Solutions uses pesticides to form a protective barrier around your home and help prevent lawn infestation. Our treatment plan also includes preventive maintenance through adequate soil moisture, reduced soil compaction, timely and balanced fertilization, and mowing.

Disease Control

North American Pest Control Solutions conducts a ‘turf disease audit’ at the time of each fertilizer application. If there’s a problem, we’ll inform you of its severity and review potential treatment options. We treat common lawn diseases, including patch diseases, red thread disease, rust disease, and molds—all of which can ruin a lawn’s appearance. North American Pest Control Solutions’ turf management practices, including sufficient and timely watering, timely fertilization with appropriate and balanced nutrients, regular mowing, and maintenance of good soil aeration and drainage, will help to curtail additional damage and keep your lawn looking vibrant.