North American Seal Coating & Striping Solutions offers the following services:

Crack Sealing

We seal cracks using a hot pour seal to ensure adhesion and waterproof coverage, preventing water from getting underneath the surface and eroding the underlying support.

Pothole Repair

When a pothole does form, we remove the broken asphalt around it, refill the hole with hot asphalt, and compact it, leaving a smooth, even, durable surface.

Curb Repair

We repair or replace broken or damaged curbs.

Seal Coating

Dripping oil causes asphalt to soften and break apart. We restore the original black color to the asphalt and protect against future damage by applying two coats of sealer. North American Seal Coating & Striping Solutions uses commercial grade tar asphalt sealer and sand to seal coat for traction and skid resistance.

Striping, Markings and Signs

We put down parking lot lines, handicap symbols, directional arrows, and custom applications with high quality traffic paints.

We also drill and install signs and posts, and install rubber wheel stops and speed bumps. Call for details.

Our crew of experienced professionals can handle any type of seal coating and striping project. Small commercial, industrial, and retail sites are our specialty.